Summer Skill-Booster Program

After a lot of coordination with the custodial staff, who have a tremendous amount of work to do this summer, we have managed to arrange for a small-scale Summer Skill-Booster Program, which will function on a first come-first serve, sign-up basis. The program must follow summer program rules, which are different than school year rules. Below is a description of the program, rules, and directions to sign up.


The Summer Skill-Booster Program is a program that reviews the basic skills of the grade levels that just ended. This is not an enrichment program, and it is not a program with bells and whistles. It is a simple program that only offers a basic review of basic skills. The program will run at varying times during the weeks of: 10-14 August and 17-21 August. When you go to the Sign-Up section below, click on the links to see the specific days and exact times of the program for your child’s exited (2019-2020) grade-level. 


  1. Due to the summer program rules inside schools, the program can only accommodate up to 10 students per group. Students must wear face coverings the entire time.
  2. Participating students must bring a completed Attestation Form for entry each day.
  3. You will pull to the front of the school. While still in the car and with the student’s face covering on, the student’s temperature will be taken by school personnel.
  4. The student will get out of the car with his/her face covering on and with the completed Attestation Form. School staff will escort the child(ren) to the appropriate location(s).
  5. Once the program is over, the child(ren) will be escorted out of the front of the building. All students must continue to wear their face coverings until they get into the cars at pick-up since physical distancing may not be able to be maintained.
  6. Each student must bring his/her own small package of tissues and his/her own water bottle if a drink is necessary. Students are not permitted to eat in the program.
  7. Students in K-4 must bring the following supplies in a labeled Ziploc bag: pencils, erasers, and colored pencils or crayons. Students in Grades 5-8 must bring the following supplies in a labeled Ziploc bag: pens and pencils, post-it notes, and a notebook or loose-leaf paper. Students in Grades 5-7 should also bring their school-issued Chromebooks.

To Sign-Up:

  1. If interested, below you will pick the grade-level that your child just completed because those are the grade-level skills that will be reviewed. Hopefully, the days and times you see will coordinate well with your child’s schedule. If not, we understand and we appreciate the time you took to consider this program.
  2. For K-4, the teachers will review both Math and Language Arts in their sessions. (K-4 = students who completed Grades K-4 in 2019-2020)
  3. For Grades 5-8, you will have the option of selecting the subject(s) that your child would like to review. You may select one subject for review or more than one subject. (Grades 5-8 = students who completed Grades 5-8 in 2019-2020)
  4. We know that the spots are limited, due to the guidelines that we must follow. If you are interested in participating but the spots are filled, please complete this Wait List Page. We will use the Wait List submissions in the order they are received and will contact you if and when a spot becomes available.

Thank you so much for your patience with our planning of this program. There have been and continue to be so many moving parts on our end. We look forward to seeing students in our buildings again!


Danielle M. Da Giau, Ed.D.


Signup Links
Please select the grade-level below that your child just completed.

Kindergarten Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 1 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 2 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 3 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 4 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 5 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 6 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 7 Signup Link - Wait List Page
Grade 8 Signup Link - Wait List Page